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About the Moodsters

The Moodsters were created by Denise Daniels, RN, MS, a Peabody award-winning broadcast journalist and author. A parenting and child development expert, Denise specializes in the social and emotional development of children.

A first-of-its kind educational brand, The Moodsters is backed by an evidence-based curriculum developed by renowned psychologists, Dr. Marc Brackett and Dr. Robin Stern of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

The Moodsters are five lovable little detectives who use special sleuthing skills to help children solve the mysteries of feelings. With the help of The Moodsters, children learn that all feelings are okay - you just have to get to know them!

The Moodsters were created to educate, entertain, and enhance the social and emotional development of children through engaging characters, stories and toys. These fun learning tools provide children with a vocabulary for their feelings to help them understand and manage their emotions, and impart simple strategies that help kids handle the everyday challenges of growing up.

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