The Moodsters is the first children’s brand to be rooted in the scientific study of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)—the ability to recognize, understand and manage one’s emotions.

Research shows that children who learn emotional intelligence skills have less anxiety and depression; have fewer attention, learning and behavior problems; are better problem-solvers; display greater social and leadership skills; and perform better academically.
– Marc Brackett, Ph.D., Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

In fact, kindergarten teachers report that EQ skills are more important to success in school than the ability to read or hold a pencil!

With The Moodsters by their side, children can learn to recognize and understand their emotions; develop the vocabulary to express those feelings; and practice simple strategies that help them manage their emotions and tackle the everyday challenges of growing up.

It’s never too early to begin teaching children that feelings are important, and that all feelings are okay. Research shows that the better their EQ skills, the better off kids will be in school—and in life!
– Daniels Daniels, Moodsters Creator and Child Development Expert